Author: Sam Saggers

UPI 198: Real Estate Investment Is A Pain In The Ass

Fed up with the headaches of real estate investment? You’re not alone. Dive into this no-holds-barred episode that fixes the pain in your ass that can be property investing. From unexpected hurdles to strategic problem-solving, we’re covering it all. Tune in now and transform from a troubled investor into a resilient ruler of the property market with Episode 198!

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UPI 156: How Can We Solve The Affordability Crisis?

We’re going to talk about solving the affordability crisis. It’s got everyone worked up, the market is stressful for new and previous buyers.

How can we get around this, solve this issue as a country, and stock the barren wasteland that is the housing supply? A million houses won’t cut it.

Make sure to listen in on this jam-packed edition full of important information for you Urban Property Investors.

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UPI 155: Reviewing My Predictions

How do you go from negative cash flow to positive cash flow when investing in property? This is a big question all investors want to be answered as we strive for income-generating assets that just grow and grow.

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UPI 153: Place Making Will Make You Money

Placemaking will make you money when building your portfolio! As long as you’re up to the task. Get the tips straight from an expert who’ll have you getting your assets in the right location, with a good walking score, good sense of community and more!

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UPI 149: Catching A Free Ride In Real Estate

Free riding in Real Estate could be one of the easiest ways to make gains quickly. As an investor, looking for the right drivers in the right areas can be really beneficial especially if the areas aren’t fully developed with space for future infrastructure.

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