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Wellness Guru Guy Lawrence: 3 Pillars To Extraordinary Living

Wellness entrepreneur Guy Lawrence has built his entire career around helping people create positive change so they can achieve one simple measure – happiness. The premise of his work...

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How Property Investors Can Win The Race Against Time

Let’s relate the concept of time back to real estate. There are still so many property investors out there struggling to create wealth purely because they have a false...

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How To Look At House Valuations In 2021

In 2021 we all need to prepare ourselves to see the gap widen between valuations and our own ideas on what we think a property is worth – and...

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Beware! The Broke Experts That Could Derail Your Property Plans

There’s nothing more dangerous to your investment strategy than a broke expert. What do I mean by that? In any industry, you’re likely to find ‘specialists’ who don’t practice...

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How To Measure Your Success as a Property Investor?

There is no one true measure of success when it comes to property investing. Yield, growth, cash return, more properties, more income, more satisfaction… The list goes on. How...

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Why Debt Is Your Ultimate Secret Weapon To Property Investing Success

There are two sides to debt.  Bad debt is the most obvious and easy to accumulate. It’s tied up in your credit card, your car loan, and any other...

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