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The Exit Plan Coaching Call

1pm QLD & NSW AEST | Wednesday 26th June

Jason and Andy

Ask Jason and Andy all your questions on this coaching Call!

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Event Details:

Date: Wednesday 26th June

Time: 1pm QLD & NSW AEST

During the coaching call, Jason, Andy and the wider team will be available to answer your questions in a way that only they can.

We highly encourage you to attend these coaching calls as we do not record these sessions for attendees. So if you miss it you will not be able to access the replay.

Make sure you mark it in your calendar now and come along and learn from others. Even if you don’t think you have a question to ask, you will learn from the questions of others and it might even prompt a question you didn’t even know you had yet. So make sure you maximise your value and jump on the call.

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Looking forward to seeing you online.

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