Tabitha Bright

A 13-Year Property Coach and strategist at Positive Real Estate, Tabitha is a licensed real estate agent in NSW and VIC, and has her Cert IV in both Property Services and Finance.

She has personally coached over 600 Clients and her passion for education, property and client results focus everything she does at Positive Real Estate and we’re better for it.

Tabitha has successfully been investing in property for over 25 years, and she has a strong passion for teaching. If you’re going to spend $100,000’s buying an investment you don’t want to gamble your results buying by trial and error.

She believes that getting a great result from investing should not be complicated or daunting when you have the right team and support behind you. She now heads up the Property Coaching team Nationally for Positive Real Estate.

Podcasts by Tabitha Bright

PIT 36: Mastering Your Investor Mindset with James Evenden

James Evenden has an incredibly strong mindset around investing and life. We chat whilst James is in the midst of an almighty renovation (more like a small development), with...

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PIT 35: From Master Procrastinator to 4 Properties with Geoff McGuinness

Geoff McGuinness is a reformed master procrastinator. As someone who loved the idea of investing but equally feared the idea of debt, he made some decisions (and paid the...

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PIT 34: Patience To Profits With Kristen and David

Kristen and David started investing when they had three children under five years of age. They’ve ridden many highs and lows - from holding property that had appreciated very...

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PIT 33: Properties by 26 with Louise Carr

Louise Carr has been in real estate for 28 years! Having purchased 3 properties by the time she was 26, you would think it would be all financial smooth...

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PIT 32: Marriage, Money & Success with Shay Whitton

Shay Whitton has been involved in real estate ever since she was a child. Growing up around serial renovators, property has forever been in Shay’s blood. As a co-founder...

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PIT 31: Turning Vanilla & Boring Investing Into Wealth with Rob King

Rob King has invested in many types of asset classes across different locations for nearly two decades. From “vanilla” investments to a boarding house, Rob has accumulated a serious...

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