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PIT 47: From Beginner to Property Genie

On this episode I get interviewed about my property investor journey so far. James Evenden and Hayley Beavis ask all the big questions, and we discuss everything from investing during high interest rates, learning about the market, memorable deals – and …

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UPI 107: The Psychology of Wealth Creation

Do you have the psychology to be wealthy? Truly wealthy? I’m talking the ability to look rejection in the face and not be turned off by it. Do you have the belief system to ask for help? Can you ask for money and seize opportunity when it strikes? 
Are y…

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PIT 46: 4 Properties Before 30

Joel and his fiance, Carla, have secured four properties – all by the age of 30. 
How have they done it? What have been their ups and downs? What beliefs have guided these decisions? There’s been some hair-raising moments, and whilst the ending is happ…

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