PIT 52: From a Casual Job to Getting Financially Educated

Hello and Welcome to property investor tales, stories from the front yard. My name is Hayley Beavis and I am a property consultant here at Positive Real Estate where we help people build wealth through property.

Today I am joined by Lee and Jing who have an amazing outlook on life. Born in China and made the move to New Zealand, then to Brisbane, Australia where they are living the good life.

They talk through the challenges of not being able to service a loan and how they picked themselves up, worked through challenges and got themselves into a great situation to move forward and purchase some fantastic properties. Some of these properties today are worth 2.5 times more than the original purchase price only 6 years ago. 


12:40 – There is always opportunity for people ready for it


14:30 – Don’t talk to friends and family that aren’t investors, talk to people that have been there and done that


17:40 – How important it is to have a personal and property buffers


24:35 – Invest in yourself and take massive action. If you don’t change, nothing will change for you.


Enjoy this conversation with Lee and Jing. 

About the Author
A 13-Year Property Coach and strategist at Positive Real Estate, Tabitha is a licensed real estate agent in NSW and VIC, and has her Cert IV in both Property Services and Finance. She has personally coached over 600 Clients and her passion for education, property and client results focus everything she does at Positive Real Estate and we’re better for it.