PIT 66: Investing or Buying Your Own Home

PIT EP 65 – Investing or Buying Your Own Home


Hello and welcome to property investor tales stories from the front yard, where I get to speak to property investors from around Australia about their investing journey. My name is Tabitha Brighton, I’m the head of coaching here at positive real estate, where we help people build wealth through property with over 8000 clients across Australia and New Zealand. There are some incredible stories to tell, which hopefully make your investing journey that little bit easier and will inspire you along the way. 


So my guest today is Brennan Latimer. Brennan talks about how he learned the power of starting early about investing versus buying your own home, which is a question a lot of clients asked us what’s best what’s the best way to go for do you trade investing for buying the home of your dreams or being able to get into the housing market for your first house. And we also talked through trading quality and major capital cities for cash flow and regional markets and what those trade offs are. So enjoy this conversation with Brennan.


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About the Author
A 13-Year Property Coach and strategist at Positive Real Estate, Tabitha is a licensed real estate agent in NSW and VIC, and has her Cert IV in both Property Services and Finance. She has personally coached over 600 Clients and her passion for education, property and client results focus everything she does at Positive Real Estate and we’re better for it.