PIT 74: Why Financial Planning is Important

PIT EP 74 – Why Financial Planning is Important – Shot List


Welcome to property investor tales Tales from the front yard, where we get to speak with people across Australia about their property investing journey. My name is Vicki Hines and I’m one of the coaches at positive real estate where I help people build wealth through property. With over 8000 clients across Australia and New Zealand, there are some incredible stories to tell, which hopefully will make your investing journey that little bit easier and will inspire you along the way. 


Today I have the privilege of chatting with Tracy Dwyer. Tracy has been in the mentoring program since 2014. Tracy has built a great portfolio and has always been an extremely active member and she’s continued to attend events both in person and online. As a result, she’s a master of a wealth of knowledge as an investor and has built some wonderful investment muscle and some of the learnings that she’s experienced, which should help both those starting out, as well as those who are those who are some way through their property journey. Enjoy this conversation between myself and Tracy.


  • Introduction to Tracy. 1:05
  • How did you become interested in real estate? 6:41
  • Learning new things about yourself. 11:29
  • Paying down debt to build equity. 15:56
  • The importance of having a budget. 21:23
  • What do your friends and family think about your investments? 26:12
  • How to get your daughter into the property market? 31:12
  • The value of joint venture investments. 36:50
  • The importance of having a clear financial plan. 42:54

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About the Author
A 13-Year Property Coach and strategist at Positive Real Estate, Tabitha is a licensed real estate agent in NSW and VIC, and has her Cert IV in both Property Services and Finance. She has personally coached over 600 Clients and her passion for education, property and client results focus everything she does at Positive Real Estate and we’re better for it.