TWF 10: Nicolle Edwards on Family Violence And How To End It

One of the saddest parts of what’s meant to be an incredibly happy, warm and joyous month is that December is a peak period for family violence in Australia. 

In Australia 1 domestic violence incidence takes place every 2 minutes. One in three women have experienced physical or sexual violence by someone known to them. Sexual assault and domestic violence are the most common crimes committed in Australia. 

This episode of The Wealth Faculty is an invitation to all of us to rise up and over the epidemic that is domestic violence. 

Nicolle Edwards is the Founder of RizeUp Australia and has helped over 1000 women and families relocate, restart their lives and RizeUp. 

If you’re inspired to help us end family violence in Australia, you can support RizeUp for as little as $2 per week. All the details are at

You can connect with Rizeup on Facebook and Instagram. 

You can watch Nicolle’s TED Talk here and the Dear Daddy video she refers to is here

Listen out for – 

4:12 – Nicolle’s Fire In The Belly

5:13 – How RizeUp Started and how they help families Leaving Violence For Safety

12:19 – Domestic Violence Is Not Sexy

14:50 – Removing Domestic Violence Is a Team Effort

19:58 – A Snapshot of Family Violence

29:25 – Teenagers, Porn & Relationship Violence

33:33 – The Saddest Statistic About Family Violence

38:34 – The smell of urine 

40:37 – When someone asked Nicolle for help after admitting ‘I don’t treat the missus very well’

1:05:57 – Let’s Help 5000 Families

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