TWF 11: Kim and Danny Morrison on Money & Marriage

Marriage and money. Financial stress can be the marriage killer – and it can also be the making of many marriages. 

On this episode of The Wealth Faculty I’m joined by New Zealand royalty – Kim and Danny Morrison. From appearing on the front cover of magazines with the so-called “perfect marriage” to moving to Australia and losing all their savings in the Storm Financial crash, these two have ridden the highs and lows like no other. 

How do you stay together through it all? And what lessons do you learn from it? It’s an engrossing conversation which I hope you enjoy. 

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On this episode you’ll discover – 

1:00 The Morrison love story

6:15 – Danny’s cricket career with New Zealand 

19:19 – Kim’s love of property

21:20 – Danny’s family crisis

23:00 – Moving to Australia

25:16 – Losing Everything & Building Back Up

28:33 – Provider Stress, Marriage & Meltdowns

31:26 – The perfect marriage

37:48 – Give love four seasons

38:26 – Vomit, credit cards & remarkable success

1:05:22 – Kim & Danny’s True Meaning of Wealth 


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