TWF 2: The True Meaning Of Wealth

Welcome to the inaugural edition of The Wealth Faculty!


With the podcast being dedicated to taking you on an adventure into the true meaning of wealth, I figured the best place to start was to share some of my wealth adventure, especially the mindset I’ve created often through the school of hard knocks. 


4:50 – Year 12 Is Not Everything

12:37 – Wealth is far more than money

14:47 – Personal Growth and wealth

16:10 – There is no growth in comfort

19:15 – The biggest block to wealth

20:14 – Knowledge without action is useless

22:40 – The energetic hold money has over people

32:34 – Scheduled vs Spontaneous

37:34 – How to wake up delighted everyday

39:41 – Knowing when you’ve made it

48:30 – Favourite Food, movies, holiday destinations and more. 

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About the Author
From a small town boy growing up in the remote outback of rural Queensland, to becoming the founder of Australasia’s most powerful property wealth creation engine – Positive Real Estate Group CEO Jason Whitton is on a mission to change the way we look at wealth.