TWF 3: Scott Harris on Wealth Psychology

If you’ve been to a Tony Robbins event before you may have come across Scott Harris. 

The Millionaire Mentor and Ultimate Coach founder is often the host when Tony’s taking a break – and he’s been doing it for over 15 years. 

Having shared the stage with Robbins, Richard Branson, Robert Kiyosaki and even Donald Trump, Harris knows a thing or two about wealth. Particularly wealth psychology and belief systems. 

From a boy who grew up in Dandenong, Victoria to now being the Millionaire Mentor, Scott Harris has the grounded platform to share his wisdom from. 

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On this episode Scott shares – 

4:33 – Money Is Made In The Mind

5:53 – If it is to be it is up to me

10:20 – Scott’s Epic Wealth Mantra

11:13 – The Love Hate relationship many have with money and wealth

12:33 – Money Is Good

16:09 – A Wake Up Call for 50 year olds

17:40 – Every Wealth Book Says This

22:34 – Dream Building At Its Best

24:28 – A Dad’s #1 Regret

27:08 – Finding financial homebase

31:16 – All human beings need a coach

33:38 – There’s no school subject on wealth

37:27 – What’s your 5 year vision?

49:16 – Everybody deserves wealth


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About the Author
From a small town boy growing up in the remote outback of rural Queensland, to becoming the founder of Australasia’s most powerful property wealth creation engine – Positive Real Estate Group CEO Jason Whitton is on a mission to change the way we look at wealth.