UPI 118: Interest Rates Moving into the Future

So interest is moving again! What do we do now that interest is only moving a quarter of a percent? Is the market stabilising? Are we in for a big storm? 


Get on the radar of what’s coming up and join me where we talk about everything from Interest, Wage Growth, my Leafblowing maniac neighbour and so much more. 


There’s a lot to take in, a lot to benefit your back pocket. It’s your choice to win big or not win at all.

I discuss – 


3:29 – Leaf Blowing Maniac


4:56 – What to Expect for Future Interest Rates?


20:00 – Wage Growth versus Inflation


29:30 – Recession


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About the Author
Sam Saggers grew up the poorest kid in the richest suburb of Sydney. But that’s a story for another day (which he unpacks on episode one). Sam’s work in real estate is rather unmatched; he has helped over 7500 property investors get a leg up in real estate through his work as a property investor.