UPI 139: Getting To Financial Freedom With 7 Stages

To invest for financial freedom, there are 7 stages every property investor should run by in order to create their freedom. This episode has all 7 and how you as a property investor can use these steps to get your wealth creation game on track. 


Find out why people don’t become wealthy, review your portfolio with the 4 states of investments, how much debt is too much and more! All from an experienced lifetime investor.


Tune into this week’s cracker of an episode now.

I discuss – 


4:29 – Impressing The Bank


8:03 – Replacing Your Wage


11:13 – What Does It Take To Be A Millionaire?


36:59 – Less Properties More Rent


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About the Author
Sam Saggers grew up the poorest kid in the richest suburb of Sydney. But that’s a story for another day (which he unpacks on episode one). Sam’s work in real estate is rather unmatched; he has helped over 7500 property investors get a leg up in real estate through his work as a property investor.