UPI 140: The Big Shift Is Here

The big shift is here! The market moving at breakneck speeds has shifted again. What does this mean for the future of investing? What does this mean for your future portfolio?


I dive deep into demography and economics in order to deliver some insights and how you can be out of the rat race in no time!


This is an important one, make sure you listen in and take some notes. Get one step closer to financial freedom today.


I discuss – 


3:19 – Robots Are Taking Over


5:57 – The Biggest Economic Shift


8:27 – Get In Before It’s Too Late


35:07 – Tennant Market is Getting Smashed Apart


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About the Author
Sam Saggers grew up the poorest kid in the richest suburb of Sydney. But that’s a story for another day (which he unpacks on episode one). Sam’s work in real estate is rather unmatched; he has helped over 7500 property investors get a leg up in real estate through his work as a property investor.