UPI 191: A Real Estate Push Effect is Coming: How It Could Impact Your Investments!

A real estate push is coming and you need to know how it might impact your investments in order to take advantage of the market. 


We are entering a crucial period where getting into the real estate market is going to be harder than ever and restricted to the rich. Learn the ins and outs of this coming push, and what you may need to do in response. 


This episode is a crucial listen for all investors, so be sure to tune into episode 191 of The Urban Property Investor now!


I discuss – 


4:49 – Future Approvals Now At Record Lows


6:01 – What Is The Cost Push Effect?


10:19 – Supply And Demand Mismatch


20:13 – The Beneficiaries Of The Cost Push Effect


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About the Author
Sam Saggers grew up the poorest kid in the richest suburb of Sydney. But that’s a story for another day (which he unpacks on episode one). Sam’s work in real estate is rather unmatched; he has helped over 7500 property investors get a leg up in real estate through his work as a property investor.