UPI 206: Discover the Secrets Property Investors Use to Legally Minimise Taxes!

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Do you want to minimise your tax? This episode will go through all the hot tips and tricks the pro investors use in order to minimise tax and maximise profits.

You won’t want to miss a thing, so take some notes, and get your money back. Listen to the Urban Property Investor episode 206 now!

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3:56 – 3 Types Of Obsolescence

6:05 – The Renovation Gap

8:30 – 4 Quadrant Model

13:32 – Escape Constant Repairs And Maintenance

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About the Author
Sam Saggers grew up the poorest kid in the richest suburb of Sydney. But that’s a story for another day (which he unpacks on episode one). Sam’s work in real estate is rather unmatched; he has helped over 7500 property investors get a leg up in real estate through his work as a property investor.