Podcast: The Wealth Faculty

TWF 31: Dr Jodie Lowinger on Mastering Anxiety

Dr Jodie Lowinger is the CEO and Founder of the Sydney Anxiety Clinic. Jodie is a Clinical Psychologist and has worked in organisational, hospital and community settings for more than 20 years. She holds a Doctor of Clinical Psychology and a Master of Sc…

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TWF 29: Pam Brook on Family, Career & Brookfarm

Pam Brook is co-founder of Brookfarm, a family business based in Byron Bay, New South Wales. Together with her husband, Martin Brook, she has transformed a rundown, weed-infested dairy farm into a spectacularly beautiful patch of land that follows regene…

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TWF 28: The Golden Nuggets of Wealth

It’s been a bumper few months on The Wealth Faculty and we haven’t come up for her to process all the wisdom shared with my guests over the last few months. 
Today is the day we do that! I bring on the show’s producer, Marcus Pearce, to discuss some of t…

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