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The Freedom Machine

27 Secret Strategies to Save & Make Business Owners Millions


Thank you, Andy and Jason, for transforming our lives! Your guidance and support have lifted the weight off our shoulders, allowing us to live the life we've always dreamed of at our stage of life. Your passion and expertise prompted us to take action with confidence. With your help, we've achieved more than we ever thought possible. You both make a great team, and we're grateful for the positive impact you've had on our financial journey. We can now face the future with excitement and hope, all thanks to your dedication and unwavering commitment to helping people achieve their goals. You're an amazing duo!”

I truly appreciate the extensive time you all spent going over things related to my business, and the way you handled it was incredible. From the bottom of my heart, thanks. You're so unlike the boring typical business guys, and we find this both comforting and reassuring. Your personalised approach to business and finances is refreshing and makes all the difference to our success.”

The support I have received is like nothing I have ever experienced. The team have gone above & beyond to help me on my wealth journey. We've even had Fenton Financial facilitating our yearly business planning session for our hospitality group in Ballarat. It was easy, skillful and life-changing. Thank you guys!”


The Freedom Machine takes you where others fear to go.

The tough conversations, the big decisions, and the real breakthroughs.

Success isn’t found in the shallows… the devil really does live in the details… and The Freedom Machine is determined to bypass crash course webinars and “done for you” turn-key systems to instead focus on your unique situation.

It’s not your typical presentation…
You’ll find no “one size fits all” experts. You’ll only be exposed to people who have won AND lost, felt joy AND pain, and aren’t afraid to share the struggles as well as the victories.

Jason and Andy are two of Australia’s brightest minds when it comes to SAVING and MAKING business owners millions of dollars and they are here to share with you their 27 Secret Strategies to create incredible wealth.

Hosted by Kerwin Rae
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