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Cang Dang

Cang Dang

Business Wealth Coach

Meet Cang Dang, a business wealth coach with an 18-year career running his own Mortgage Broking business. Specialising in wealth creation for businesses, Cang is passionate about wealth creation for small businesses and has a genuine passion for leadership and takes immense satisfaction in watching both his team and clients achieve their goals. His professional qualifications include a Bachelor of Computing Engineering and a Diploma in Mortgage Broking.

Cang has been instrumental in executing commercial loans to help businesses grow. He has been part of successful deals and learned valuable lessons from challenging experiences. He owns properties in Chermside, QLD, and Castle Hill, NSW, reflecting his insight into the property market. 

Now, as part of our Exit Plan Wealth Strategy Program, Cang is ready to help others accelerate their wealth alongside the program’s founders, Jason and Andy. His blend of skills, experience, and genuine care is the driving force behind his eagerness to support you on your journey to financial freedom.

If you’re looking for a dedicated coach with a passion for wealth creation and the experience to guide you on your path to financial freedom, Cang Dang is the right person for you.

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