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Deborah Jensen


Meet Deb Jensen, a seasoned businesswoman and investor. With over 30 years experience running successful businesses and 26 years expertise in investing, her proven track record in navigating all things business and wealth puts her in a unique position to help business owners with their wealth plans.

Deb has built and sold three businesses over that time, has a Bachelor’s Degree of Commerce and is committed to supporting business owners to have better lives and achieve financial freedom through her two passions in life: coaching and investing.

Deb is thrilled to be a part of the Exit Plan Programs, including The Freedom Machine and Onramp. Deb will be coaching and working closely with members to help them accelerate their wealth as quickly as possible. She is excited to work with the program’s founders, Jason and Andy, who have a no “BS” approach that she finds completely refreshing. Deb brings a formidable combination of skills, knowledge, and experience to the program, and she is eager to meet and support members on their journey to financial independence.

If you’re looking for a dedicated coach and experienced investor to guide you on your path to financial freedom, Deb is the right person for you.

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