Urban Property Investor
by Sam Saggers

UPI 198: Real Estate Investment Is A Pain In The Ass

Fed up with the headaches of real estate investment? You're not alone. Dive into this no-holds-barred episode that fixes the pain in your ass that can be property investing....

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UPI 156: How Can We Solve The Affordability Crisis?

We’re going to talk about solving the affordability crisis. It’s got everyone worked up, the market is stressful for new and previous buyers. How can we get around this,...

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UPI 155: Reviewing My Predictions

How do you go from negative cash flow to positive cash flow when investing in property? This is a big question all investors want to be answered as we...

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Wealth Coffee Chats
by Jason Whitton

WCC 607: It’s Happening: The Largest Ever Gap Between Income and House Prices

Right now we’re seeing the largest gap between income and house prices in Australian history. In this video Jason Whitton explains why the rise of interest rates has driven...

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WCC 606: The Media Suggests That Investors Are Fleeing Melbourne | Separating Fact From Fiction

Examining today’s news, Jason Whitton examines the claim that Sydney’s property market is booming, while investors are fleeing Melbourne in droves. But is this actually true or does the...

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WCC 605: Australia’s Population Hits 27 Million 18 Years Early (How Immigration Is Great for Investors)

Australia’s population has just ticked over to 27 million 18 years early; largely driven off the back of record immigration or students and skilled workers. What’s the result? The...

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Property Investor Tales
by Tabitha Bright

PIT 91: The Importance of Professional Education

Welcome to Property Investor Tales stories from the front yard, where I get to speak to property investors from around Australia about their investing journey. My name is Megan...

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PIT 90: From First Home Buyer to Four Investments

Hello and Welcome to Property Investor Tales - Stories from the Front Yard. James Evenden with you and I am a Property Consultant here at Positive Real Estate, where...

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PIT 89: Why Structure and Planning is Key

Hello and welcome to property investor tales stories from the front yard where I get to speak to property investors from around Australia about their investing journey. My name...

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