Urban Property Investor
by Sam Saggers

UPI 97: 5 Dysfunctions of A Property Investor

There are five dysfunctions of a property investor, and it applies to every single investor. In other words, you will want to score yourself against each of the five...

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UPI 96: Election Special for Property Investors

On this episode of Urban Property Investor I look into the election and tell you what the parties are saying about the riveting rollercoaster that is the real estate...

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UPI 95: Looking Inside The Real Estate Crystal Ball

On this episode of Urban Property Investor I take a look through the crystal ball of real estate and tell you what I see. From two-home families to the...

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Wealth Coffee Chats
by Jason Whitton

WCC 315: We Are Setting Records Everywhere in Australia When It Comes to the Jobs Market!

What does this mean for us as property investors? Great question. Let's Wealth Coffee Chat!

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WCC 314: The Cost of Waiting…Is It Better To Wait and Buy or Is It Better To Buy Now?

The answer might surprise you, it certainly doesn't line up with the media hype that's for sure.....Let's Wealth Coffee Chat!

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WCC 313: “Acceleration Plan” Is Plan No.7 of 7 Plans Every Property Investor Must Know!

This one is the most exciting of the plans however many try to do it before they are ready.....often with disastrous consequences..... Let's Wealth Coffee Chat!

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Property Investor Tales
by Tabitha Bright

PIT 36: Mastering Your Investor Mindset with James Evenden

James Evenden has an incredibly strong mindset around investing and life. We chat whilst James is in the midst of an almighty renovation (more like a small development), with...

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PIT 35: From Master Procrastinator to 4 Properties with Geoff McGuinness

Geoff McGuinness is a reformed master procrastinator. As someone who loved the idea of investing but equally feared the idea of debt, he made some decisions (and paid the...

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PIT 34: Patience To Profits With Kristen and David

Kristen and David started investing when they had three children under five years of age. They’ve ridden many highs and lows - from holding property that had appreciated very...

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