On-Ramp to Exit:
Fast, Furious, and Focused!

UNLOCK your BUSINESS WEALTH with our esteemed Mentors – Jason and Andy are a collective force of unmatched prowess and hands-on industry experience.

Each has sculpted their legacy, turning challenges into milestones and businesses into powerhouses.

Enter our esteemed Mentors and Coaches, a collective force of unmatched prowess and hands-on industry experience.

Each has sculpted their legacy, turning challenges into milestones and businesses into powerhouses. 



Jason Whitton-Green

Jason Whitton

With more than 20 years shaping the landscape of property investment and education, Jason’s expertise is both expansive and deeply personal.

As the Founder and Chief of Education at Positive Real Estate, he’s committed to creating lasting impact and guiding clients towards true financial freedom.

Andy Fenton-Green

Andy Fenton

Boasting years in business strategy and financial planning, Andy Fenton is more than just an expert—he’s an institution.

As the owner of his own financial firm and a pivotal member of the Positive Real Estate Team, Andy brings a dual lens of entrepreneurship and strategy to guide you towards unparalleled financial prosperity.


Cang Dang The Exit Plan

Cang Dang

A seasoned Mortgage Broking expert with 18 years of hands-on experience, Cang blends his academic prowess with a genuine passion for leadership and family. With notable accomplishments in property and investments, he’s not just your guide but your partner in the journey to success.

Deb Jensen The Exit Plan

Deb jensen

Bringing over 30 years in business and 26 years in investing, Deb’s expertise is vast yet personal. As a member of the Positive Real Estate Team, she’s dedicated to forging meaningful connections and guiding you towards financial freedom.

Michelle Vogrinec


A visionary in market dynamics and consumer behavior, she boasts over two decades of experience in helping businesses pivot and prosper. Expect a journey of discovery, growth, and sustainable success.

Here’s what you get…

🔥 3 Immersive Workshops for Every Facet of the Genius Model

Dive into the heart of success with not just one, but three intensive workshops that peel back the layers of the Genius Model.

These hands-on sessions will empower you to master every element, equipping you with the tools and knowledge to transform your business into a thriving empire.

🔥 Secure Your Front-Row Seat at The Exit Plan 2-Day Event

As a member of The Exit Plan “Onramp” course, you’re not just an attendee – you’re a VIP insider. Your course enrollment grants you an exclusive ticket to our prestigious 2-day event, where you’ll immerse yourself in powerful insights, networking opportunities, and life-changing strategies.

It’s your chance to learn directly from industry giants, forge connections, and catapult your wealth journey to new heights.

🔥 Unlock Your Personal VIP Pass to Weekly Office Hours Support

Imagine having a direct line to seasoned experts who are dedicated to your success. Every week, gain access to exclusive office hours where you can get your burning questions answered, receive tailored guidance, and conquer any obstacles that come your way.

This personalised support ensures that you’re never alone on your journey to financial greatness.

🔥 Join a Thriving Community in the Onramp Facebook Group

Connect, collaborate, and flourish in a vibrant community of like-minded individuals who are on the same journey as you.

The On-ramp Facebook Community is your haven for sharing insights, forging partnerships, and celebrating wins together. Tap into the collective wisdom of entrepreneurs who understand your ambitions and aspirations.

What is The Exit Plan – Onramp?

Exit Plan “Onramp” course is designed for business owners who want to ensure that they maximise the benefits of being in business in order to set themselves up securely both for the journey and when they choose to exit the business and enjoy the benefits of all the hard work they have put in along the way.

How does it work?

The course is made up of supported online learning as well as a 2 Day in-person intensive event.

The idea around the coursework is to provide you with knowledge around the 9 core areas and help you complete your own audit in each of those areas so you can understand where the gaps are.

During the Onramp course we cover off on all the areas of the Genius Model including:

  • Cash:
    • Bank Accounts and controlling the Cash
    • Lending and Leverage – making sure you are able to maximise your access to lending and leverage
    • Personal Guarantees and your exposure
  • Structures
    • Entity Setup
    • Understanding the roles and responsibilities within structures, the hidden danger within each and how to de-risk your situation
    • Flow of Tax and Cash
  • Understanding whether your business is an Asset or an ATM and how to ensure that how you utilise your cash and profit to build wealth in each of these areas
    • Business
    • Personal
    • Superannuation  
Jason and Andy
🔥  Essentially Jason and Andy want to help you each become Weapons of Wealth so you can understand how the big guys do it and have that ripple out for generations to come.


🔥  The Onramp online learning is a course that has 9 modules covering off all the areas above. These are to be completed prior to joining the 2-day intensive event with Jason and Andy.


🔥  The modules are online and self-paced learning with plenty of support along the way for those who seek it. We have 2x 1-hour open support sessions each week whereby you can drop in to our coaching teams zoom room and get any support you require or alternatively you can book in a one-on-one session with your coach at a time that suits. 



🔥  Prior to attending the 2-day intensive event, we strongly suggest that you book in with your coach to review the homework to make sure that you have the maximum preparation to take advantage of the gold that Andy and Jason will present during the 2-day intensive event.


🔥  The 2-day intensive event is about getting a 15-year plan together for your Business Exit. This can be fast tracked if necessary but the goal is to ensure that you are set up with a maximised wealth strategy to be able to exit your business and receive the benefit of all the hard work you have put in when the time comes.


🔥  You will also be surrounded with other business owners and our panel of experts who are savvy investors as well so a great place to make some awesome connections so be sure to invest this time into your future. 

The Freedom Machine

Your Future Awaits

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to supercharge your investment strategies. Our mentors are ready to guide you towards unprecedented success. Limited slots available to ensure quality coaching.


Invest in your success: Pricing Plans

Investing in your business’s future has never been this flexible.

We understand that each entrepreneur’s journey and financial blueprint is unique. That’s why we offer two tailored payment options to cater to your needs. Opt for the full payment and immerse yourself headfirst into a transformative experience with undivided focus.

Alternatively, our installment deposit option provides a balance, allowing you to manage your finances without compromising on the value you receive. Whichever path you choose, rest assured, it’s a step towards unparalleled business growth and strategic mastery.

Your vision deserves nothing but the best, and we’re here to facilitate that.

Pay in Full

Commit to your future now with a one-time payment of $5,995 AUD. 

(Save $1,000 OFF if you use the code FREEDOM)

Installment Deposits

Installment Deposits

We understand that flexibility is key, choose our installment plan. Deposit of $995 AUD.

We understand that flexibility is key, choose our installment plan. Deposit of $995 AUD.

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